The U.S. Conference of Mayors has sent a letter to Congress that echoes what AFSCME has been saying for months: It’s long past time to robustly fund the front lines.

In his first days on the job, President Joe Biden has taken swift executive action to protect and empower public service workers, strengthen public services and help working people. On his first day alone, he signed 17 executive orders, memorandums and proclamations that showed the kind of bold leadership our country needs now.

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Ganamos nuestra elección sindical (164 sí contra 61 no) para nuestras dos unidades de negociación, y todos estamos unidos nuevamente en una sola unión (empleados profesionales, técnicos, de servicio y de mantenimiento) para nuestras negociaciones contractuales, así como para cualquier asunto sindical que suceda de ahora en adelante.


AFSCME President Lee Saunders called the victories of the Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s Senate runoff elections “a bold mandate for change.”