Labor Management Committee Vote

 As we begin the process of building up the structure of our Local Union, the time has come for our first vote.  

Our contract creates a Labor Management Committee, made up of three employees and three representatives from management. The purpose of this committee is to facilitate communication between our union and management, to work on contract implementation issues together, and to seek solutions to issues that both sides have a mutual interest in addressing. We had four volunteers for the committee, so we'll need to vote on which three will serve. 

If you are a member of the union, you should have received a link to vote in the election. Each member will receive a unique link so please don't share it with others. The election will close in one week, so please don't delay in casting your vote once you receive the link.

If you did not receive a link to vote, please get in touch! You can email [email protected] to ensure your membership information is current.

Personal Statements

Gina Claiborne:

Hello I'm Gina Claiborne, I have worked at HMC for 26 years. I had the privilege of serving on your bargaining team, and establish our first contract!   Now that we've achieved that goal it's time to get to work. I would love to continue on making sure our contract is implemented and upheld. I believe I have a firm understanding of our contract and would like to work closely with HMC on the labor management committee. So I am asking for your vote of confidence.  Thank you.

Mini Kincaid:

Hi, I'm Mini,  I've worked in DI at HMC since 2014. I joined our union's contract bargaining team very early in the process. We spent months fighting hard for a contract that we felt would benefit and enrich our hardworking employees, but our work is not done. Now that the contract has been signed, I would like very much to see that it is implemented and issues that arise are addressed promptly.  It is for that reason that I ask for your vote to a position on the Labor Management Committee. Thanks!

Monisha Bunday:

Hello, I’m Monisha Bunday. I have worked at HMC for nearly 17 years. I was present during the initial process of unionizing and stayed through the entirety. I’ve been involved and active for the majority of Union-related activities. While I joined the bargaining team a few months after the initial discussions, I’ve remained a loyal contributor and worked hard to serve you for 6 solid months. We have achieved our goal of signing our first ever Union contract! This only means that our work gets tougher as we commit to upholding employees’ rights and fair treatment across the board. In order to achieve this, I am prepared to dedicate my time to the Labor Management Committee. We as workers can fall victim to unfair labor practices without fair representation. In Union, there is strength and workers must have a choice. I want to be able to give you that choice and let you make the right choice in who leads you. Thank you.

Monica Romine:

As a Labor Management Committee member, my goals will be to provide guidelines to our hospital management and discuss matters not explicitly mentioned in our contract. Also, help interpret our agreement throughout our conversations and understandings to ensure our objectives are being met. I believe a great deal in fair labor practice; to accomplish this, you'll need someone who can listen and stand up for those who need a supporting voice. So please consider Monica Romine as one of your Labor Management Committee members.

Thank you.